Maxwell's Demon

Embody the Maxwell's Demon, and use your quick reflexes to overcome the Laws of Physics!
Control the barrier in the middle of the screen and prevent molecules from running from one side to the other. With a little of practice, you will be able to separate the red (hot) molecules from the blue (cold) molecules, or to confine all the molecules on one side of the screen, depending on the game mode.

Two game modes!

Temperature Mode

    Separate the Red (Hot) Molecules from the Blue (Cold) Molecules

Density Mode

    Bring all the Molecules to one side of the screen

Every game mode comprises 50 levels, starting with the ridiculously easy task of sorting 2 molecules to the utterly hard job of managing 100 molecules...
Are you otherworldly enough to reach the level of Absolute Master of Negative Entropy?

Squares From Another Dimension (SFAD)

In preparation...
Drone Maze

Scratchy is a seasoned rocket drone, which has been assigned to special missions which span from Earth orbit to the depths of mysterious planets. Using a sleek interface you can get control of Scratchy and pilot it through the mazes and hurdles of abandoned space stations, insidious atmospheres and dark undergrounds.

Note: This first version contains one of the four level packs. The other three packs will be relased FOR FREE with future versions of the app.
SDT Relativistic Trip Calculator

How long does it take for an astronaut traveling at 0.9c to reach Proxima Centaury? What is the travel time to the center of the galaxy as seen by a proton at 7Tev? How fast shall we go in order to reach the closest habitable exoplanet in 1 Month?
The SDT Relativistic Trip Calculator can give you the answers!
Just set two of the three parameters (Speed, Distance, Time) and the Calculator will calculate the other one, taking into account the relativistic effect of time dilation.
Various presets and measurement units are provided.
Take an imaginary trip to the closest stars or to the Andromeda Galaxy at relativistic speeds and you will see it might not take very long to roam across the universe after all!